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Showcase LED with TT Circuit Assen

€ 79,00 (including VAT 21%)
Product code RTA-11159
Supplier product code RTA-11159

Hereby we will show you a very nice showcase with LED lights in the case and in the middle your favorite racetrack, the TT Circuit in Assen.
The LED lamps will show many different colours. A remote control will be deliverd so you can choose your own favorite color.

The showcase can be delivered in the sizes 30 x 30 CM and 40 x 40 CM and in three different colours: natural wood, black or red.
The racetrack which will be placed within the showcase will also have the name of the track. For the racetrack you can also choose for natural wood, black or red colour.

The article will be delivered completely assembled. If you want a bigger showcase with a bigger racetrack you can always send us an email on info@circuitofwood.com

If you like to receive another circuit in the showcase, please take a look at the other items at https://www.circuitofwood.com/webshop/led/showcase-with-led/
or just fill in your favorite racetrack at https://www.circuitofwood.com/webshop/led/showcase-with-led/detail/634/showcase-led-with-track-of-choice.html