LED on Circuit

€ 29,90 (including VAT 21%)
Product code RTA-11027
Supplier product code RTA-11027

Do you have a favourite racetrack or do you know somebody who loves a certain racetrack. Are you in the situation to order a wooden racetrack in our webshop to show your passion for art and racing to everybody? Take your time and get your favourite one in your shopping cart. Maybe we have a nice option for you.

For the 46cm and the 92cm width racetracks we have LED lighting which will be mounted behind the circuit. An unique option for your track. The LED has a multi colour mode to switch to different colours.

This option is only suitable on the two biggest sizes but for every layout possible. You simply order the racetrack you want and order this option also. 

The prices:
-LED 46cm racetrack = €29,90
-LED 92cm racetrack = €39,90

If you order at CircuitofWood there will be free delivery through Europe.


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