Set of 4 Eat Sleep Ring Repeat Coasters

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Product code RTA-11208
Supplier product code RTA-11208

Set of 4 eat sleep ring repeat coasters. Coaster is made of slate and is an unique gift for racefans.


If you ask a racefan what is the most famous racetrack in the world they will call many times the german racetrack Nürburgring. In the Eiffel there is a very large circuit which had a fantastic layout in the past and had around 70 corners. Nowadays for like Formula one they are using the south part of the track. The also have a DTM edition.

For real racefans there is made a set of 4 coasters. The set is named as Eat Sleep Ring Repeat coasters. The coaster has sizes of 10 by 10 CM and has feet under it to protect the table. On each of the 4 coasters there is asign of eat sleep ring repeat symbols.

Look at the other items in the category coasters there is another version with 6 pieces where the four items are on all of the coasters.